Wisdom Is A Woman

On Saturday I heard the horrible news that my friend Rachel Held Evans had passed away after a very brief illness. Even though she’s gone, her voice, her impact, and her legacy will live on.

Because of Rachel, my world is fuller. She taught me that having doubt and struggling with questions is the sign of a healthy faith. She introduced me to voices and thinkers, primarily women, PoC, and LGBTQ, whose stories made my life richer.

There’s a reason Wisdom (Sophia) is a woman.

Rachel and her gift for showing people that they weren’t broken, that they had value, and that they were loved is something you might come across once or twice in a lifetime.

The world is a bit darker without her light. Yet we can all carry on her legacy by being a little kinder, by listening more than we speak, by validating the humanity of those on the margins, and by being humble enough to learn from others.

We are all living in an unfinished story...
— Rachel Held Evans

If you’d like to support her family, there is a GoFundMe to help her husband Dan manage their medical bills. Just click the button below.